John & Sandy's Animals Page

Last updated: February 17, 2010



Xina is a Siamese cat and is 17 years old. She is considered the animal "head of household".

OK, as soon as I'm sure she's asleep,
I'll give her a bite she won't forget! The orange cat was a visitor.




Bailey was acquired by Johnny and Maira when Sandy and I were visiting Dee Dee in Ormand Beach. They felt that Xina needed a new buddy after the passing of Javier. Xina is yet to go along with that idea, but she will come around eventually as she always does.

GreyC (Gracie) what can we write about this precious cat? She came to us after an email from a Hialeah High School alumnus, who had visited our website, saw our pets ( children ) and thought we would be good adoptive parents for one of her kittens. This was during the "chemotherapy" period and John was very vulnerable to Sandy's needs. Months passed and we finally drove to Titusville to pick up Little GreyC. While her bathroom etiquette is somewhat deficient, her splendid personality and her unwavering devotion to John allows her princess status, after all Xina is still the queen.




Rosemary (Rosie)


Rosemary is the newest addition to the Burkowski family. She was adopted in mid-april 2007 at the local Pet Smart store. We were told she was 1-1/2 years old, was housebroken and was well-behaved, having only an aggressive barking problem around dogs larger than herself and despite this she loved and got along well with cats. THEY LIED! They lied about almost everything. Despite the lies we love her and intend to keep her. Rosie has come to love her cats and she is housebroken after all, but she still acts aggressively toward large dogs.




The Pond


Feed us - now!

The Overflow pond.

The water is very clear.

Orchids thrive by the pond.

In Memorium





Javier is a "Hemingway Cat" and has the extra toes that distinguish that breed of cat. He was thrown into our son Brannon's yard in Leisure City who then called us and we went to it's rescue. Missy has allergies and it wasn't possible for Javier to stay with them. Probably because of this experience Javier is a scaredy cat and is very easily frightened. If he's on your lap at the time you will probably end up with "cat scratch fever" when he "scratches off" and runs to hide. Javier passed away November 29th, 2007 of kidney failure at age eleven.




Samantha is a boxer and is considered our "problem child". She loves to jump and a six foot high board on board fence is no problem for her. She was adopted from a young couple who lived in a townhouse. They felt that Samantha needed a loving family with a larger yard than theirs, so-o-o we got her. Although she is full grown, she still acts like a puppy. Note: She is in Dog Heaven now.




Teddy was really Sandy's mother's dog but Sylvia passed away in her sleep on December 12, 2005 at the age of 91. Now Teddy is staying with us. He loves to sleep uder the covers and will alert us when he needs to go out. Note: He is in Dog Heaven now after 16 fabulous years.